Letters Received from Satisfied Clients

Dear Addie:

I am really happy that I met you and was able to adopt Princess Anoushka from you. She is the most wonderful kitten, so loving and playful and oh so quick to learn.

I took her to my vet to be checked out and Anoushka got a 100/100 and a big smiley face on her report card.

She loves my two dogs and plays with them all the time. My family have fallen in love with her. She is sooo beautiful and I could sit and look into her eyes all day long. They are the deepest blue I have ever seen. Ragdolls are certainly different to other breeds of cats and the way she interacts with my dogs you would think she is one too!!

I am sure we will be coming back to you to get another ragdoll soon.

If anyone wants a reference on you, please give them my telephone number. I contacted many other people but felt most comfortable talking with you. You answered all my many questions and I found you to be most pleasant and honest. I am lucky to have met you and thank you again for your patience with me.

Warmest regards,

Joy McKay & Family

Another testimonial
Beverly L. Weiss

West Palm Beach, Florida 33413


Dearest Addie:

What can I say – I am absolutely in love with Belle. What would I have done without her? She came to me after the tragic loss of my 2 cats and she filled the terrible void that was in my life. As you can see from her 6 month old pictures (already on your website), she is absolutely beautiful! But besides being beautiful, she is just what a rag doll is suppose to be. . . Besides me, she lives with an adopted rag doll mix and a wonderful snoodle (schnauzer and poodle – also adopted ) The house is rarely quiet, but everyone gets along and enjoys all the company.

What a job you do with your kittens – they are so loved and so well socialized that when they come to their forever homes, they fit right in as if they were born there. Congratulations to you and your cattery. It certainly makes all the difference in the world.

This was my first rag doll and needless to say, and as I have told you before, this will not be my only rag doll. Addie, you have a wealth of knowledge about the breed, in addition, your honesty, and with the extreme ethical way you handle your cattery, I would not get another one from anyone else. As has been said, they truly are dogs in cat clothing!!!

I would consider it an honor if you would use me as a reference. Please feel free to have anyone interested in a kitten to call me for first hand information. Woops, Belle just got into my lap and wants her tummy rub right now.

Again, thank you for all you have done and the way you have done it.

Fondly and most happily

Beverly Weiss

and another from Charlene

Hi Addie,

I have been away from FL and the computer for a few months. Wanted to let you know what a wonderful and beautiful boy Sasha has turned out to be. I am so pleased with the way you handled everything and I got a healthy and well socialized kitten. All the girls at the vet’s office go crazy when I bring him in to get his nails trimmed. They take turns holding him. This is a recent photo. He is now 17 month’s old. He likes the Royal Canin Selective dry food. He weighs 14 pounds, 15 ounces. The vet said he was all fur, not too fat at his yearly exam. I can’t thank you enough for putting him in my life. I would recommend your cattery to anyone.

I would like to have a photo portrait done by a professional animal photographer. Do you recommend anyone in particular?

Thanks again.

Charlyn Quinn


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