Breed Standards

How Best to Describe a Ragdoll!!

Ragdolls breed pure so that the ragdoll qualities continue to appear from generation to generation. The Ragdoll Cat has never been re-introduced to any other breed to maintain their standards.

They have huge oval blue eyes. Ragdolls have extremely well-balanced loving temperaments.

Over the years they have been out crosses and as a result we now have Lynx and tortie patterns and the Flame color.

The ragdoll Cat easily adapts to a new environment, they love other animals and people. They have a need for human company and contact and you will find them wherever you are. Ragdolls love attention from their owners. You may sit down to relax and the next thing you know up will jump your cat who will sit on your lap and demand attention. Many a night I will go to bed and they will jump onto my bed to sleep with me.

They are also extremely laid back and docile. They are also very trusting and if you come across a sleeping ragdoll cat, you will usually find them asleep on their backs legs in the air!! (please see my fun photos for an example of this.)

Ragdolls are mostly indoor cats because they do not know how to defend themselves. Ragdoll Cats do not have the same fighting instincts as other breeds.

Unlike other breeds the Ragdoll Cat is the nearest thing you will own to a dog. They will answer and come to you when you call them, you can teach them to fetch and also give you a high five!! When they want you to play with them they will come to you with their toy in their mouth for you to throw it. They also sit on their hind legs like a dog. Before you know it they will be giving you kisses.

Adult males usually reach around 18 lbs of age (neutered males can reach up to 22 lbs) and females usually around 13 lbs. They do not reach their full maturity in color until they are around 2 years old and full size and weight is generally reached about 4 years of age.

Ragdolls hair is semi-long and silky. It is non-matting and the amount of shedding is very little. Their large and full plumed tails wag in delight when getting a special treat, or greeting their human family and when they are playing. Their Neck Ruff is extremely full and luxurious.

Kittens are born white but by the end of the first week it becomes very exciting to watch the transformation as they begin to get color and grow larger.

Ragdolls mature more slowly than other breeds and sometimes they do not reach their full color until they are 3 yrs old.


Colors & Patterns

There are 6 colors and 5 patterns which are recognized by the RFCI. However, this may vary with other Associations.

bullet2Colorpoint: Have a dark mask on thier face, nose, paws, ears, with a lighter contrasting body and a colored tail.

bullet2Lynx Point: Will have delicate tabby markings. Around the eyes gives the appearence of wearing white eye liner. They will also have white on the inside of thier ears with tufts of white ear hair.

bullet2Tortie Point: Cats called Torties can be any of the above or below. Patches cause thier faces to vary in color from one side to the other. Their basic color is a mix of red tones and cream. they can have splashes or blobs of color all over them.

bullet2Bicolor: Will have a white inverted V set on a point color mask. they;re noses are white with a pink tip and pink paw pads. They also have a saddle color. The, chest, stomach, neck ruff, front & back legs are white.

bullet2Mitted: Have white mitts on their front paws and white boots on thier back legs and thier chin and neck ruff will be white too. They have point color on thier face, ears, nose and tail.



Colors accepted in this breed are SEAL, BLUE, LILAC, CHOCOLATE & RED. In recent years traditional patterns and colors have widened. There are other colors but not all of them are accepted or standardized by the major national associations.

bullet2Seal Point: May vary in color from warm brown to faw. Feet & Tail are Brown and Nose Leather.

bullet2Blue Point: A gray/blue with blue nose leather and pink paw pads. The body can be a bluish white color.

bullet2Lilac Point: Nose leather will have a lilac hue, Point color will have a bluish Lilac tone, pads will be a coral color. Body will be a milky white color.

bullet2Chocolate Point: Body color is Ivory. Point color looks loke milk chocolate & Nose Leather will be dark and paw pads will be pink.

bullet2Red Point: Point color will be orangey pink. Nose leather and paw pads will be orangey pink. body color will be a deep rish creamy color.

bullet2Cream Point: Point color will be a dark creamy color. BOdy will be a light creamy color

If you are thinking of purchasing a ragdoll Cat or Kitten, I would suggest that you do your homework and read up all you can on the breed. I am listing below some organizations you may like to contact to learn more;

•TICA – The international Cat Association

•RFCI – Rag Fanciers Club International

•CFA – Cat Fanciers Association

After you have done your research you will be able to compare the Ragdoll Cat with Other breeds to Determine which Breed best fits Your needs.

If you are thinking of buying a ragdoll Cat or Kitten please make sure you purchase one from a Licensed Breeder who IS a member of at least one of the Ragdoll Organizations and who can provide you with a litter registration.

There are many people out there claiming to be Ragdoll Breeders who are in fact not and their kittens may be mixed with other breeds of cats. With these kittens the chances are you will not have what you expect to get from a ragdoll kitten.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to Contact me.


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