Buyers should take their kitten to be checked out by a veterinarian within 3 days of purchase. Failure to do so within this time period will make this paragraph null and void. If for any reason the veterinarian finds the kitten to be unhealthy (unlikely as this may be) we guarantee a full refund for the cost of the kitten, upon buyer returning the kitten to the breeder and the buyer paying for the cost of transportation.

All kittens are sold with a written two year genetic health guarantee from the date of their birth. We guarantee our Kittens/Cats against congenital defects and lethal genetics. If a kitten has to be put to sleep or should die, prior to reaching 2 years of age, once the owner has provided us with an autopsy report from a licensed veterinary pathologist, which states unquestionably that demise was due to a genetic or congenital defect, Breeder will replace the kitten. Breeder is not obligated to replace the kitten with one of the same color or pattern, although every effort will be made to do so. There will be no cash refunds and breeder will not be responsible for any shipping costs. We do not allow de-clawing and if this is done to any of our kittens, all guarantees are void.

Registration: Our kittens are registered with TICA / CFA. Registration papers will have Rags2dazzle as the prefix for registration. Our aim is to breed large healthy Ragdolls that meet the National Standards.

Spay/Neuter: If you are buying a Pet or Show Quality kitten from us, my veterinarian will do this prior to you receiving your kitten.

When you adopt a kitten from us you will receive all their health records. (please see vaccination and health certification listed on our terms of sale page). Once you have received your kitten all future vaccinations are the responsibility of the new owner.

DO NOT INOCULATE FOR FIP, as this will void any health warranty or guarantee.

Food and Litter Box: Our kittens are weaned to dry food and are litter box trained when they leave our cattery.

Your kitten will go home with the food it has been raised on and a toy it has played with.

When you get a kitten from us all you have to do is take it home and love it. You will have a large, fluffy, blue eyed baby who will adore you and whom, we are sure, you will also adore.


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