Striving for Purrfection

Updated 01/21/2020

Payment Info.

Deposits and Prices for Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdoll kittens and cats are as follows:

Deposit: All deposits are non-refundable

Pet Quality: $325.00

Show/Alter Quality: $475.00

Breeder: $750.00
bullet1Kitten deposits may be paid by check or through the paypal button below. (please add 4% more to deposit if paying by Paypal to cover their fees) Thank you!


Pet Quality:

$1200 – $1,800 Depending on color & pattern


$1,800 – $2,500 Depending on color & pattern.


Please request pricing as it varies depending on color & pattern.

bullet1Rags2Dazzle reserves the right to cancel an executed contract for the purchase of a cat or kitten at any time.



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