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Our Ragdolls

Ragdoll Cats of Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

Updated 4/28/2015

Our ragdolls are reared in a warm, loving household with our very first ragdoll Prince William, who is a seal point, our cockerpoo dog Mocha, Mishka our calico cat and our 2 black cats Midnight and D.T.(better known as Double Trouble)  We have many friends popping in and out, sometimes I think it is like Grand Central Station!!

Below are some photos of Rags2dazzle's animal family for you to enjoy



 Premier Prince Dagda - He's such a poser



Rags2dazzle Rob Roy

DGH Rags2Dazzle Annabelle


My Sweet sweet Georgie


Supreme Grand Champion Alter Georgie wanted to go with Nico in his travel bag.

RW. SGCA. Georgie and CH. Jasmine


Jasmine was really mad at Georgie

he got into her photo time in the shot above.



Premier Prince Harry - The proud Dad of our older kittens.


Rags2Dazzl​e Henrietta having a rest after playing hard with Samantha.



My daughter and her Harry


My oh so precious Midnight


The King of our menagerie Mr. Mocha Latte

As soon as the kittens whimper he lets me know,

he guards them at all times.

My little Nico

Getting bigger all the time and now a Grand Champion at 11 months old.

Since then he is now a Tica QGC Alter.

Prince William

In the dining room - he knows food will be out soon.


 CH Alfie Boy ready to play rough and tumble.


This is our latest addition to our crew. This is our beautiful Zoya (aka Zoe).  She arrived recently and being the typical red head is now trying to rule the roost.  Watch out everyone. 

Our poser  CH. Natalya

Natalya & Katie

Quadruple Grand Champion Mench giving me his I am sooo sweet look!!

Arianna annoyed at being disturbed she was having such a good nap!!

Anya & Mocha Sleeping

Dom & Sasha

Group Shot

Chillin' and then look down, all I can say is boys will be boys!!

CH Rags2Dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage

she is Miss Personality Plus


Sweet Ruthie watching the birds in the garden

Serendipity ready for a bath - she loves bubbles



Ruthie our poser ready to protect any baby kittens at home.


Samantha she has such a sweet face and nature I just love her to madness. 


DGC Rags2Dazzle Paskudnyak   


Our big boy, he now weighs 16 lbs at 10 months old.  He said he didn't like the photographer at the show so wouldn't smile, he admitted to me later that he was a little scared of the flashing camera.



 updated 4/28/2015

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