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The Kings and Prince Ragdolls of Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

Updated 4/28/2015


RW QGCH. Rags2Dazzle Mench

TICA - RW Quadruple Grand Ch. Rags2Dazzle Mench

TICA RW 16th Best All Breed Long Haired Cat S E Region 2010-2011 

CFA 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten Southern Region 


Menchie is our home grown boy.  He is a fabulous seal bi color boy with deep deep blue eyes and we are very proud of the way he had adapted to show life.  He is a very sweet, loving boy and we hope that he will have a successful show career before he settles down to making stunning babies.  Mench  also has a stunningly handsome brother Benyamin who is living the life of riley with his new breeder Mommy in Mexico and being shown in TICA.  Update 4/6/12 - Mench told me after he became a Quadruple Grand Champion that he would like to stay home and breed his girlfriends as he was bored with going to cat shows.  We are very excited to see what his 2nd litter sired will look like.  They are due this month.  His first litter produced some stunning kittens, 3 of which are with my other ragdoll breeder friends as show breeders in Florida and 1 has gone up North as a show breeder.  Mench hopes they do as well as he did 


RW. Grand Premier CH - CFA 

 Supreme Grand CHA -  TICA

Lord Georgie

CFA - RW. Grand Premier &

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter


Best Supreme Ragdoll Alter - TICA S.E Region 2010-2011

Best Ragdoll Grand Premier - CFA Southern Region 2009-2010

Best Ragdoll Grand Premier - CFA Southern Region 2008-2009

2ndBest National Ragdoll Grand Premier - CFA


3rd Best National Ragdoll Grand Premier - CFA


14th Best All Breed Regional Winner - CFA Southern Region 2009-2010

14th Best All Breed Regional Winner - CFA Southern Region 2008-2009

An update

Georgie went to the CFA International Cat Show in Atlanta, Ga - September 08

He received the following awards

Best Ragdoll GrandPremier

5th Best Longhaired All Breed Grand Premier

Lord Georgie is a stunning blue point bi color ragdoll boy. His father is RaggleDazzle Blue Boy a Grand Champion.  Georgie should really be called
Prince Georgie as he expects everyone to wait on him!!   Here he is at 13 months old waiting to rise to Prince
status. Georgie is a perfect example of our cats and kittens at Rags2Dazzle Ragdoll Cattery.  I thank my lucky stars for having such a pretty boy who is the love of my life.  Georgie is now retired from showing and has remained at home with us although he still thinks he is the Lord of the Manor!!


Lord Nicolai


Best Ragdoll Kitten Southern Region - 2008-2009

3rd Best National Ragdoll Kitten - 2008-2009

3rd Best Ragdoll Grand Champion Southern Region - 2008-2009

6th Best National Ragdoll Champion - 2008-2009

2nd Best Ragdoll Grand Champion - CFA International 2008 

He is an incredible Seal Point Bi Color boy. I took one look into this baby's eyes and instantly fell in love.  Nico is pictured here at 3 months old. 
He is now 3 years old and has grown very big and is absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to take him to more cat shows to see if he can beat his Dad. 
I must thank Scottie once again for allowing me to have this unbelievable boy, he is a fantastic addition to Rags2Dazzle Cattery.

More news - Nicolai became a Grand Champion at the CFA International Cat Show in Atlanta this September 08 and also took
the 2nd Best Ragdoll Champion award.  Way to go Nicolai.

Nick became a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion alter recently and has now retired and gone to live with my very good friend Beverly and
his ragdoll friends in her kitty palace.  I know he will be spoiled rotten!!

Our 2 Princes - Our Brothers

 Prince Dagda


 Prince DAGDA is our beautiful King.
He is a blue mitted lynx and has the most stunning eyes.  Thank you Julie for producing these 2 oh so sweet babies. 

Prince Harry


This is our beautiful HARRY. He is a blue point lynx boy and the younger brother to our handsome Prince DAGDA. 
He is next in line for the throne when Prince Dagda abdicates. Harry has produced some truly beautiful kittens with our girls at Rags2Dazzle.


Lord Rob Roy

Rags2dazzle Rob Roy

Rob Roy is a gorgeous cream point mitted boy.

He is floppy just as a ragdoll should be and he loves to be cuddled.  He is one of the most affectionate boys we have bred and we are hoping
for some magnificent babies from him.  He told me to leave him at home when I go to the shows as he doesn't like the show halls
and gets scared of the other cats.

Lord Alfie



Alfie is a blue lynx mitted boy with great boning and lovely blue eyes.  He arrived from Canada in January 2012 and has adopted my eldest daughter as his Mum.  I would like to thank my good friend Charmayne for sending him to me. He went to his first two cat shows in Florida in March and did well in kitten class and made some finals. We were very proud of him.  We hope he will do well in future shows and as an adult. Alfie is the mouthiest kitten I have ever had in my home besides being the loudest one to purr.  Perhaps as he grows up he doesn't boss us around so much!!  Hopefully he will replace Harry in our breeding program and produce many stunning kittens.  Alfie has been named after my 5 month old Grandson and is just as handsome.  Alfie has now sired 2 litters and had some magnificent babies.


Supreme Grand Champion Prince Sasha



a.k.a. SASHA

Sasha is also our home grown boy who is a blue bi color.  His mom is our beautiful CH. Lady Olivia and his dad is again from our dear friend
Joyce's CH. Ace in the Hole, a stunning blue bi color gentleman.  Sasha is a big truly floppy ragdoll who loves to be petted and is our purr meister. 
We are hoping for good things from him in the future and also fabulous kittens.

Update 10/25/2011

Sasha has become a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA and has caught up with Georgie and overtaken Mench. Well done my precious boy.   

DGC Rags2Dazzle Paskudnyak

DGC Rags2Dazzle Paskudnyak

Paskudnyak is our baby from our RW SGC. Lil Suzy and RW QGC. Mench.  Pasky, as he is affectionately known, has the sweetest of dispositions and
in only 2 cat shows has become a Double Grand Champion. 
We hope he goes on to achieving similar titles to his parents, if his love for the girls doesn't get in the way of things!!

GCH. Marlcreek My Revenge of Rags2Dazzle


a.k.a Revi

Revi arrived from my good friend Charmayne in Canada.  He is 4 months old in this photo and already weighs 7lbs.  He is the sweetest of sweet kittens and loves to be held, stroked, purrs like crazy and has exceptional boning as well as size.  He went to his first CFA show this weekend and despite feeling a little under the weather was a real trouper and took several rings and had his first final and Rosette.  We have high hopes for our beautiful, cuddly new boy and would like to thank Charmayne to entrusting her love of her life to us. Update 12/20/2011 Revi is now a Chamion in both TICA and CFA and is now also a proudy Daddy of three litters.  Watch our for his daughters Samantha and Ruthie to see how they do at the shows.



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