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The Queen and Princess Ragdolls of Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

Updated 4/28/2015


 CH Rags2Dazzle Olivia's Legacy Ruthie

Ruthie is our home grown girl and is a sweet sweet girl.  She has the size and boning of a boy and the temperament of a girl, with a bunny like coat and fabulous blue eyes. She is the last of Olivia's kittens hence her name and Olivia's Legacy has definately been carried on by her.  She is a fantastic mother to her kittens and hopefully after her next litter she will let us take her to the shows again.



DGC Renas Rags Poppy of Rags2Dazzle

Poppy is the result of two kittens I sold to my friend Helen.  She is a little biddy girl but is the most mischevious cat I have owned.  She has incredible blue eyes and a marvelous coat.  She had her first litter a month ago and all the kittens were stunning.  I just love her to madness.


DGH Rags2Dazzle Annabelle

Annabelle has a very laid back personality and loves going to the shows.  She is my special girl.  She is built like a boy with fabulous boning and coat.  We can't wait to see what she produces.



a.k.a Henri

Our Henrietta is a stunning seal bicolor girl with fabulous boning and looks exactly like her father Revenge, with the same stunning blue eyes. She looks nothing like her Mom Natalya, but her sister Serendipity, who's photo is below, is the spitting image of her Mom. Here's Henri at 8 months old and at her first show became a Champion. However, she takes after her Dad in other ways and decided whilst visiting my good breeder friend Rachel, that she wanted to become a Mom and took a shine to Rachel's stunning boy called Murphy and yes guess what she is due to have her first litter this month. We are very excited to see what they produce.  Update 7/24/12 Henrietta had a litter of 6 stunning kittens and we look forward to seeing some of them in the show halls.



QGC Rags2Dazzle Serendipity

Serendipity a.k.a Dippy is a superb blue lynx bicolor girl with very expressive eyes and a very full coat.  She definately doesn't take after her angel of a Mommy Natalya, in fact she is my problem child and wherever there's trouble you can count on it that she is right in the middle!!  She loves to get under my feet and follows me around like a puppy dog, but I wouldn't change her for all the tea in china, after all who would keep my feet warm at night !!  9/10/12 Dippy has become a Tica Triple Grand Champion and we are so very proud of her.  We love you Dippy


DGC Sunnyshores Daenerys of Rags2Dazzle

Danni is a very special girl.  She is a blue/Cream tortie bicolor and is the most sweetest cat.  She is the Mom to our wonderful Rob Roy.  We would like to thank our friend Rachel for this fantastic girl.


GCH. Lady Anya


a.k.a. Annie

BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN - CFA Southern Region 2009-2010

Photos of Annie at 3 months old 


December 2008 - June 2011

Annie was my bed mate and licked my face all over, given the chance!! She was my very special girl and the love of my life, my first female Grand Champion.  Annie was a fabulous Seal Bi Color Ragdoll with brilliant blue eyes and she had a great time at the shows.  She attained her title of Grand Champion quickly and wanted to settle down and have babies.  Regretfully that was not to be, and at the young age of 2yrs 6 months she joined my precious Mother, after whom she was named,  over the rainbow bridge.

I am sure my Mum will give her lots of love and attention and they will look after each other. 

CH Rags2Dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage

CH Rags2Dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage

Sage is one of our home grown girls.  She is a Blue Bi Color Ragdoll and the last and final kitten from her mother Jasmin.  Her father is Murphy again from my good friend Rachel"s cattery and she has gained from both parents their stunning good looks and mischevious personality.  We are hoping for great things from our little poser.

CH. Lady Natalya


Natalya is a Seal Lynx Bi Color Ragdoll who follows me around like a puppy dog.  She loves her treats and we are looking forward to having some wonderful kittens from her.  Update 06/10/2011  Natalya has just had 2 beautiful kittens called Serendipity and Henrietta, their photos are on this page above.


CH. Lady Arianna


a.k.a Ari

Arianna is a beautiful Blue Point and White Bicolor Ragdoll.  She has the bluest eyes I have ever seen and is a love bug.  Thank you JaNeil of Dollhouse Ragdolls for entrusting her to me.

CH. Lady Ellie


a.k.a. Ellie

Ellie is a stunning Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll.  She is now the Mother of our beautiful girl Rags2Dazzle Tyme For a Change.  Ellie has the sweetest of natures and incredible coloring.



Excalibur Aphrodite of Rags2Dazzle

Izzy is a magnificent seal lynx bicolor girl who is the daughter of Mench.  She doesn't like showing but is the most wonderful Mother and has produced some stunning kittens for us.

CH. Lady Jasmin


a.k.a Jazzy

Jazzie is an incredibly beautiful Blue Point little girl who has now become a Queen at Rags2Dazzle Cattery, she had her first litter in June 08 and the kittens were stunning, just look at her son QGC Rags2Dazzle Mench on our Lords page.
Many thanks to Scottie Cone of Rags2Riches for allowing me to keep this little wonder!!

CH. Lady Eloise



Affectionately known as LULU
She is a Seal Tortie mitted Ragdoll and is 1 year old in this photo. Lulu is the Queen of Rags2Dazzle. Charmayne did a good job in breeding our wonderful Lulu, she has produced some stunning kittens for Rags2Dazzle.  Lulu has now retired but remains with us and still rules the other girls with an iron rod!!

CH. Lady Olivia



Olivia is an incredible blue bi color girl and has become a Queen with Rag2Dazzle Ragdolls, having her first litter in June 2008.  She is a fantastic first time Mom, just look at her son Supreme Grand Champion Saskia on our Lords page. Many thanks to Lora for letting me have her and many many thanks to my mentor Scottie Cone of Rags2Riches for allowing Lora to give her to me and also thank you Scottie for breeding yet another wonderful girl for me to add to my cattery.  Olivia's son who is one of our studs has become a Supreme Grand Champion.  Update 01/28/2012 Olivia has now been retired and will remain with us.  We could not part with our wonderful girl.

 Princess Lil Suzy


RW SGCH Marlcreek Lil Suzy of Rags2Dazzle

IW Best Seal Torbie Bicolor - TICA 2012 

Lil Suzy arrived here from Canada and settled in quickly.  Suzy Q as we call her, is a seal lynx bi color tortie with the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.  She has grown into the most beautiful teenager with the most stunning face.  She has decided to take over the cattery and tries to order everyone around, however, Lulu won't stand for it and often has to put Suzy in her place.  Thank you again Charmayne for yet another fantastic ragdoll.  Update 1/28/2012 Suzy has become a Supreme Grand Champion and also she and Revi are the proud parents of Samantha aka Sammy whose picture you will find below. Update 5/20/2012 Suzy is not only a RW (Regional Tica Winner) but also she received an International Winner award from TICA for being the Best Seal Torbie Bicolor.  Well done my angel we are very proud of you. 


 Suzy's daughter Princess Samantha

CH Rags2Dazzle Samantha

Samantha is the first daughter of our Lil Suzy and Revenge.  She has huge blue eyes, a fabulous coat and a very loving disposition, she is our love bug.  We took her to the TICA International Ragdoll Congress held in York, PA, in November 2012.  She was placed 4th Best Ragdoll Champion out of 30 Ragdoll Champions so we are very proud of her.  We would like to take her to more shows but she has told us she wants to be a Mom like her cousins Dippy and Ruthie so she is, as we speak, spending time with one of the boys.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!!




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