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Rags2Dazzle Showtime at the Cat Shows

Updated 2/15/2015



Roxy at her first cat show in kitten class being judged by David.

Rags2Dazzle Henrietta age 4 months at her first cat show, the Largo Florida Show in November 2011 receiving her first final rosette.

Saskia Double Granding at his 2nd TICA show March 2011


Georgie became a Supreme here March 2011



Supreme Grand Champion Lil Suzy at Largo Show March 2011


Lucy at her 1st show Tampa, Florida 15 January 2011


Rags2Dazzle Henrietta being judged at the Largo show, Florida in November 2011


Mench resting between rings in Clearwater, Fl June 2010

Mench with my friend Thomas and Bennie on the right at the Deland, FL show May 2010.

Mench waiting in his stroller to go into the ring Clearwater, FL June 2010

Mench and Bennie in Deland again May 2010.


Bennie as a champion at his first TICA show in San Antonio, Texas 2010.


Tammy having lunch before leaving for the show

Tammy at Orlando Cat show May 2010

Tamara (Tammy)

Tamara (Tammy) wants to get into the ring!!

Arianna at the Orlando Show - May 2010

Arianna and Mench Orlando show May 2010.


Arianna Clearwater Show June 2010

Mench wants to know when it is his turn in the ring.

My daughter the proud Mommy with her baby Mench.

Arianna doing her thing at the same show.

Mench at the same show raring to go


 Georgie being judged and then with his best friend Harry Potter and his Mom, my friend Zella Jane at the Deland, Florida show August 2009


Georgie & Harry Potter at the Denver Show
August 30, 2009



 Georgie with Santee Sailor and his Mom, my friend Beverly at the same show.






Georgie, Phoenix Show
September '09







 Georgie and Dmitri waiting to be called to the ring at the CFA International, Nov 08.  George was awarded Best Premier Ragdoll and Dmitri was awarded 3rd Best Ragdoll kitten.

Georgie being shown off, by a judge to the spectators,

in the final Best of the Best at the CFA International Cat Show

held in Atlanta, Ga, November 2008.

He was 5th Best Grand Premier and the first ragdoll to ever achieve this distinguished award.

 Georgie looking for his Rosette.

Georgie entertaining the spectators at the CFA International, Nov 08, whilst waiting for his award, in one of his finals.

Georgie posing at the CFA International, Nov 08 after receiving his rosette. 

Nicolai showing off in a final at the CFA International, Nov 08

where he became a Grand Champion in his first ring final. 

Nicolai getting an award at the CFA International Show Nov, 2008 

Georgie being judged at the Ragdoll Convention Kansas Aug 08

Georgie proud of his Rosettes at the Ragdoll Convention in Kansas City August 08.

Georgie being judged at the OCI Show August 08

Georgie at the OCI Show August 08

Isabella in the ring at the OCI show 08/08

Nikolai becomes champion at OCI Show 08/08

Nickolai with his champion ribbon at OCI 08/08

With Isabella at the OCI show August 08

Nikolai being judged at the Kansas City Ragdoll Convention August 08 placed 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten.


Georgie gets a ribbon in the ring at Melbourne, 03/08


Georgie exhausted at the Ragdoll Convention in Kansas City Aug 08

placed third best Grand Premier Ragdoll cat.


Georgie and Nikolai at the Virginia Cat Show June 07


Georgie and Nikolai are exhausted at the Virginia Cat Show



 Georgie & Nicolai's rosettes Ft Myers, FL July 08

 and below







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