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Meet our RAGS2DAZZLE Ragdoll Family

Updated  04/28/2015


Rags2Dazzle is a small Ragdoll Cattery located in Florida and Tennessee.

About 8 years ago my sister purchased three Ragdoll Kittens, Willem is a Seal Point Lynx, Yogi and Pebbles are both Seal Point Mitted. (Yogi was a Show/Alter and did very well).I instantly fell in love with these kittens. They were so laid back and friendly and I couldn't believe the way they followed you around, just like a dog!!

After doing a lot of research, we purchased our first Ragdoll kittens from Julie Stalnaker at Sea Fox Cattery, Florida and fast became friends with Julie who has helped me enormously ever since. I was looking for a Blue mitted Lynx and she had two brothers. My daughters came with me and my eldest decided she wanted to adopt one too. As soon as I saw Dagda it was love at first sight. Prince Dagda has the bluest eyes and is the sweetest natured cat I have ever owned. He won my heart over in a very short time. His brother Prince Harry is a Blue Point Lynx and likes to think he is King at Rags2Dazzle Cattery, but really Dagda is.

Premier CH. Prince Dagda

Because I fell in love with Dagda I decided he needed a female companion and the same year acquired Lady Eloise (Lulu) as we affectionately call her. Lulu is a Seal mitted Tortie Ragdoll and she is Queen Bee of the cattery. Many thanks to Charmayne for breeding such a delightful girl. She is now retired but still acts like the mother to some of our newer additions. Lulu is the Matriarch of Rags2Dazzle Cattery.

CH. Lady Eloise

( aka. LULU)

In January 07, Rags2dazzle collected Lord Georgie from his breeder. He is the most beautiful Blue Bi Color Point Ragdoll boy, with the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. He is doing wonderfully with the rest of the crew, although he is the most stubborn one of the bunch. He should really behave as his Championship blood lines indicate, but there's no stopping Georgie once he sets his mind to something. Update 3/2/08 Georgie attended his first CFA Cat Show this week-end and won his first title. He is now a Premier Champion and will be continuing to attain his Grand Premier title. Update 5/12/08 - Great news Georgie took 2nd place in the CFA Regional Premier Championship placements, he also became our first Grand Premier in the same month.  Wow - Georgie has done it again - At the CFA International Cat Showin November 08, Georgie was awarded Best Grand Premier Ragdoll, also out of 791 cats he was awarded 5th Best Long Haired All Breed Premier at the show.  Update 6/26/2011.

     Georgie has achieved the following results:

Supreme Grand Champion Alter - TICA 2011

Best Supreme GCA Ragdoll - TICA

S.E Region 2010-2011

 At the end of the CFA show seasons for  2009 - 2010 and the previous year 2008-2009, Georgie repeated the following:

Best Ragdoll Grand Premier - Southern Region.

RW 14th Best Regional All Breed Grand Premier Winner Southern Region.

3rd Best National Ragdoll Grand Premier. 

Considering 2008 was the first year we had taken him to the shows, we were extremely happy and proud of his achievements for the 2009-2010 season and this last 2010-2011 season.  Georgie has now decided he wants to retire and just loll around the house and we are happy to let him do this.

Well done my lovely boy, we are so proud of you.

Lord Georgie

CFA - RW Grand Premier Champion 
TICA -  Supreme Grand Champion Alter

 Aphrodite aka Izzy is the most beautiful seal lynx bicolor girl with eyes that talk to you.  She has the same build as her mother and the sweet look of her father Mench.  She had her first litter 2 weeks ago and is being a supurb mommy.

Excalibur Aphrodite aka Izzy

Rob Roy is the son of Danni and Manny and is a perfect example of what a ragdoll should be.  He is a large big boned smooshy boy, with a bunny like coat, who loves to be cuddled and we hope he will be an excellent addition to our breeding program.

Rags2dazzle Rob Roy


Then in March 07 another Ragdoll Kitten came to join our Family. Her name is Lady Jasmin (Jazzy) as my daughters nicknamed her. Scottie Cone of Rags2Riches Cattery in North Carolina, brought her all the way down to Florida for us. Many thanks to Scottie for allowing this sweet girl to come to us. Jasmin is a Blue Point mitted Ragdoll and is always purring. She is extremely mischievous and forgets she was only 3 months old in these photos and eagerly joined in the raggle taggle play with the older kittens. She has now become one of our Queens and had her 1st litter in June 08. Update 01/28/2012 We are proud to announce that Jasmin's son Rags2Dazzle Mench is now a Quadruple Grand Champion!!  Jasmin has now retired and is living with my good friend Kirsten.

CH. Lady Jasmin

(aka. Jazzy)

Then in June 2007 Lady Olivia, the most beautiful blue bicolor girl with very dark blue eyes, joined our family. She is now a Queen and joined our breeding program and had her first litter in May 08. Thank you to Lora for giving her to us and again thank you Scottie Cone from Rags2Riches for breeding yet again this outstanding girl. Since her arrival Livie has decided she prefers roast chicken or beef to cat food. If any of the others go near her when she's eating she growls really loud and scares them off!!  It's really funny. Olivia had her second litter this year and became the first bi color mommy at Rags2Dazzle Cattery. Update 01/28/2012 We are proud to announce that Rags2Dazzle Saskia, Olivia's Son has attained the TICA title of Supreme Grand Champion. Well done Olivia on giving us this fabulous boy.

CH. Lady Olivia

(aka Livie) 


Oh Oh - we have added another little bundle of joy to our cattery. I swore to myself I wouldn't be tempted and then ....

  How could I not fall in love with this little fella!! Nicolai arrived in April 08 and quickly made himself at home. He decided to make friends with Olivia first, as she is in charge of her 4 kittens and he knows when they are old enough to play with him he will teach them every trick in the book.  Olivia has taken him under her wing and told all our crew to treat him nicely or they will have to contend with her.  Once again a big thank you to Scottie Cone of Rags2Riches for giving us this perfectly marked seal bi color oh so cute boy.  Nico will be attending his 1st Cat Show at the end of May 08, in the Kitten Class. Watch for updates on how he does at the cat shows.

 Update 5/24/08 Nicolai went to his 1st cat show this week end and got placed on both days in the top 10 all breed kittens out of 54 kittens!! - More news 7/19/08 Nicolai attended a cat show in Ft. Myers, FL this weekend and won all of his 6 kitten rings and was placed in all 6 finals attaining Best All Breed kitten in one ring. Great news for Nicolai, on 8/30/08 he went to Simpsonville, SC and became a Champion, he also went to the CFA International held in Atlanta, Ga in November 2008 and Granded in his first final and then went on to take 2nd Best Ragdoll Champion at the show. 

Nicolai has achieved the following results at the end of the Cat Fanciers Association show season 2008-2009

Best Ragdoll Kitten Southern Region.

3rd Best National Ragdoll Kitten.

3rd Best Ragdoll Grand Champion Southern Region.

6th Best National Ragdoll Grand Champion.

Update 01/28/2012 Nicolai has now achieved the TICA title Quadruple Grand Champion Alter 

 We are so proud of him to have attained all these awards for our Rags2Dazzle Cattery - Well done sweet boy.

CFA - Grand Champion & TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter 

 Lord Nicolai 8 months


 Lord Nicolai

(aka Nico) at 4 months


Annabelle is the sweetest girl I have ever bred. She is very much like her Mom Baby Sage and we are thrilled with her in every way.  She is being bred as we speak and cannot wait for her to have babies.

DGH Rags2Dazzle Annabelle 

Just had to have this boy our precious Angel.  Alfie arrived last month from my friend Charmayne and is a blue lynx point mitted boy and we should have called him double trouble and also motor mouth detroit!!  He gets into everything and doesn't stop talking!!  We will be taking him to his first kitten show in March and watch this space to see how he did.  Again thank you Charmayne for this bundle of joy.

Prince  Alfie 


Well I thought I had found all the cats I needed for my breeding program but couldn't resist my latest bundle of joy.  My friend Charmayne Gillissie sent me a photo of this little treasure, I took one look and it was love at first sight.  Lil Suzy is a Seal Lynx Bicolor Tortie girl and came to our home during the last week of November 2010, so she is our Thanksgiving Kitten.  She fitted into our family straight away and let all our cats know, within the first 2 days that she's a typical red head, independant and spunky and not to be messed with.  She has a special place in my daughter Jemma's heart and they are inseparable.  However, Dagda has decided to teach her every naughty trick in the book, at least that's what I thought until I caught her teaching him some also. It now looks like whatever trouble they can both get into they will do it together.  I will have to get Dagda to set them straight.

Again thank you Charmayne for giving her this double bundle of joy and holy terror.


TICA RW Supreme Grand Champion Lil Suzy

  3rd Best Ragdoll 2011-2012 Tica SE Region

Regional Winner 17 Best Long Haired Cat 2011-2012 Tica SE Region

Best Seal Torbie Point Bicolor Ragdoll Internationally 2011-2012 TICA ,

2nd Best Seal Torbie Point Bicolor Ragdoll Internationally 2010-2011 TICA.

Guess what, I was introduced to a wonderful Ragdoll Breeder in Canada and when I saw the photo below of this beautiful seal mitted girl I couldn't let her not join us.  Elizya came to us in June 2009 together with 2 other girls who you can see below Arianna.  She has the most fantastic expression in her eyes and took no time in winning the judges over.  She is the quiet one in the household but is quick to come see what is going on when Lulu and Annie get into an argument.  Update Ellie became a Champion in January 2010.



a.k.a. Ellie

We thought with these 3 girls that we were done and then we were offered this beautiful blue bi color girl from JaNeil Cillisen of Dollhowse Ragdolls and just couldn't resist.  Ari flew in from Denver in September 2009 and quickly settled into the household making friends with the other girls.  We took her to the International Cat Show in Atlanta, GA in November 09 to see her Mom and guess what she got a rosette at the end of the show attaining 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten.  We were extremely proud of her considering this was her very first show and in February 2010 she became a Champion

Thank you JaNeil for this extraordinary girl.



 This is GC Anya aka Annie, named after my beloved Mom.  Annie has the most dark blue eyes I have ever seen and is a big love bug.  She can't wait for me to come home and tickle her under her chin and if I forget she gets under my feet to remind me.  Annie was 3 months old when we got her in April 2009 and she took my breath away at that early age.  This season she has received the following title.

 Best Ragdoll Kitten - CFA Southern Region 2009-2010

Since then Annie has gone on to attain the title of Champion and then Grand Champion.  She is now vieing with Lulu for head of household but I think Lulu will let her know she is the Matriarch.

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I have to tell you that Annie passed away unexpectedly, Rest in Peace my special love.



a.k.a. Annie 


 Well Jasmin had one girl in her last & final litter so we had to hold onto her and a good thing we did because Sage is a stunning girl, a natural poser for the camera and loves to be shown.  We have great expectations for Bebe Sage our love bug!! 

CH Rags2Dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage 

I have always wanted a seal lynx point and white kitten and when I was sent the photo below it was love at first sight.  Natalya is an import from Canada.  Natalya is best friends with Arianna and they hang around together and have to go to the shows together.  Natalya became a Champion in January 2010 and we are going to continue taking her to the shows with Arianna and hopefully had 2 more Grand Champions to our home. Again  As the judges say she has the Flash!!  


 Below is Olivia's son Saskia but we call him Sasha.

He is a love bug and lives in the bedroom next to the garage in my home with Nicolai and My Revenge.  As soon as I open the garage door to come into the house he is there waiting to be petted, I call him Mr. Flopalong because he flops at my feet to have him tummy rubbed.  The cat shows are his forte where he rolls over in the ring for the judges and does anything he can to be naughty.  When the audience laughs he does whatever he is doing more!!

We love him dearly and would like to thank our good friend Joyce Smith for allowing her CH. Ace in the Hole to Sire our boy.

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Lord SASKIA

a.k.a. Sasha


Lil Suzy and Mench gave us this stunning boy whom we nicknamed Pasky.  He is a huge boy but unlike Sage, doesn't like to pose and is frightened of the flash, although he has plenty of flash!!  We are very proud of him because he has been to 2 adult class shows and has become a double Grand Champion.  He is more interested in wooing the girls than going to the cat shows but I keep telling him he may meet a hotty there so he said "ok Mum let's go"

We are proud to announce that Paskudnyak received the following award

TICA SE Region Award of Excellence 2014 3rd Best Blue Point Ragdoll Of The Year

DGC Rags2Dazzle Paskudnyak


Below is another Canadian Import My Revenge.  Revi is a seal bi color and the sweetest of boys.  He decided he did not like going to the shows and wanted to stay home and make babies.  He has produced four fantastic girls who are going to start their show careers as kittens and adults next month, hope they enjoy showing more than Revi did!!  Look our for them on my site, they are Serendipity, Henrietta, Ruthie and Sammy.  Thank you Charmayne for yet another great cat.



 Ah hah!!  Here is our home grown boy Menchie, as we fondly call him. Mench decided he had also had enough of showing a few months ago and I think Revi talked him into retiring from the show halls and staying home with him.  Mench has sired fantastic kittens, some of which are with other ragdoll breeder friends and being shown.  We look forward to having more beautiful babies from him and are very proud that he agreed to become a TICA Quadruple Champion and also a Regional Winner.

RW QGCH. Rags2Dazzle Mench

Best Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll 2010-2011 TICA S E Region


16th Best Longhaired

All breed Cat 2010-2011 TICA S E Region

Danaerys aka Danni is the most beautiful girl.  She is a blue/cream bicolor therefore a tortie.  She did very well in her first show and became a Double Grand Champion.  She decided she wanted to become a Mommy and last month had a fabulous litter.  When she is rested we will take her back out to the shows.  However we got a surprise in the mail she gained the following title

TICA SE Region

Award of Excellence 2014

Best Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll Of The Year


DGC Sunnyshores Daenerys of Rags2Dazzle

TICA 2nd Best Blue/Cream Bicolor Internationally 2013

Here is one of Revi and Natalya's girls.  We thought she was a boy when she was born so my daughter named her Henri, but he became a she and so her name is now Henrietta!!  Our girl went to her first kitten show at 4 months old and was competing against 7 month old kittens.  I did not expect her to final in any ring, but she had a fantastic time playing with the judges and low and behold she was called back to a final and took 2nd place in that final. She is going next weekend to her first adult show and we will see how she does.  She looks exactly like her father did as a kitten and is oh so sweet and loving.

Update 3/12/2012  We are very proud to announce that Henrietta has now become at Champion at 8 months old, but has decided she wants to be a Mommy, so she will be having her first litter of kittens next month. 

Update 5/15/2013

Henrietta has now gone to live with our good friend Debbie to make nice babies for her.

CH. Rags2Dazzl​e HENRIETTA 


Below is a photo of Henrietta's sister Serendipity who is a minnie me of her mother Natalya.  Dippy as we call her has been to three shows and is now a Grand Champion.  She is the complete opposite of her sister and is my naughty girl.  Whatever mischief she can get into she will!!  She has told me she doesn't want to be a Mom yet, but wants to carry on with her show career.


 QGCH. Rags2Dazzle Serendipity


 Below is my naughtiest kitten in the cattery.  Poppy's parents are Rags2Dazzle Jeffie and Rags2Dazzle Josie who went to live with my good friend Helen.  When she bred them the runt of the litter was Poppy.  She was a scrawny little thing and turned into a beautiful swan.  She now loves food, especially human food and I can't leave anything on the counter tops because she will eat it!!  She is going to her first adult show next weekend and we have high hopes for her show career. Update 08/27/2014 - Poppy only went to one show as a kitten and we received in the mail today the following award for her.  TICA SE Region

Award of Excellence 2014

Third Best Ragdoll Kitten Of The Year!!

We are so very proud of her

CH Renas Rags Poppy of Rags2Dazzle 


Here's my special home grown girl Olivia's Legacy Ruthie.  She is the last kitten that Olivia had, before she retired, and I just had to keep her with us.  She has an amazing bunny like coat, stunning blue eyes and is a mushy seal bicolor love bug.  Revi is her father and at 6 months old, in the photo, she is the size of an adult cat and not a kitten.  Ruthie loves going to the shows and loves all the judges.  I told her to keep buttering them up and hopefully she will be our next Supreme. 


CH Rags2Dazzle Ruthie

Lil Suzy had a single kitten in her first litter and this little girl had the biggest eyes.  We named her Samantha. We took Samantha to the TICA International Ragdoll Congress in York PA in November 2012 and there were 30 whole ragdoll cats at the show.  The judge had to pick the top 25 and we were so proud with Sammy she placed 4th Best Champion Ragdoll Cat.  Well done our angel.  We look forward to seeing you progress at the shows and becoming a new Mommy at Rags2Dazzle Ragdolls.

Rags2Dazzle Samantha

(Princess Samantha aka Sammy)


Rags2Dazzle Ragdoll Cattery now feels we have the right breeding cats and kittens, who are not closely related and therefore there should be no negative impacts to their future kittens. We offer Ragdoll Kittens who are in good health, have the sweetest faces, are high in intelligence and have loving personalities. We have tried to reach the optimum of the Ragdoll Breed Standard, with breeders from Championship lines who have Vivid Blue Eyes, Large Size, Soft Bunny like Coats and wonderful personalities   


Thank you for visiting Rags2dazzleragdolls.com


Rags2Dazzle reserves the right to cancel any contract for the purchase of a cat or kitten at any time.



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